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So grateful!


This is what 15 bags of groceries and 20 bags of hygiene items look like!

On Tuesday, we delivered bags of groceries and hygiene items to Restoration Immigration Legal Aid for distribution to clients throughout this week's meetings. You can read more about the project here. Over the last two weeks, nearly half our congregation has helped in one way or another with this project!

I'm so grateful for all of you. Grateful for the generous contribution of your time and money. Grateful to those who returned to the signup list again and again, filling in gaps where you saw them. Grateful to those who went to multiple stores to find shelf-stable milk and hand sanitizer (suddenly in high demand during the pandemic). Grateful to our middle- and high-schoolers who spent a rainy afternoon on a school holiday bagging groceries in the Owens' garage. And VERY grateful to the Owens for opening their garage to everyone's donations all week!

We're on the docket to supply groceries for RILA once more this year in December. If you wanted to help this time but didn't get a chance, stay tuned for the next opportunity!

Finally: I know you all care about justice and mercy. The huge stockpile of shampoo, cooking oil, dried beans, and more in the Owens' garage is a testament to that! Our friends at Matthew 25 are holding two virtual gatherings this fall: one just for practitioners, and one for anyone who cares about issues of justice. The latter one is only 3 hours (!) and is sure to be a refreshing and inspiring time to connect with like-minded Christians. Early bird pricing ends this week; I'm planning to attend and would love for anyone from Incarnation to join me (virtually). Learn more and sign up!


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